European Contact Centre
and Customer Service Awards

1. místo v kategorii Responding in a Crisis - Best partnership solution – za spolupráci s
3. místo v kategorii Best Customer Service Team – Samsung
3. místo v kategorii Giving Something Back za CSR projekt realizovaný ve věznici pro Linku bezpečí

2. místo v kategorii Best Outsourcing Partnership společně se Samsung

Czech Contact Center Award

1.místo v kategorii Lidé za kampaň Boříme mýty
2.místo v kategorii Klienti za spolupráci s
2.místo v kategorii Technologie za projekt „Spokojený zákazník Samsung“
3.místo operátor roku – Šárka Štroblová
3.místo v kategorii Klienti za E-Promoter pro Samsung

1.místo v kategorii Klienti za projekt Implementace Whatsapp komunikace ve spolupráci se  společností Samsung
2.místo v kategorii Klienti
2.místo v kategorii Technologie
3.místo v kategorii Klienti za projekt E-learning
3.místo v kategorii Lidé za projekt HR Daktela jako systém pro nábor uchazečů
3.místo v kategorii Technologie za projekt Cloudové řešení pro analýzy a hodnocení velkých objemů nahrávek v Conectartu

1.místo v kategorii Inbound projekty za aplikaci VizionAR
1.místo v kategorii Zvláštní projekty za aplikaci VizionAR
2.místo kategorii New Media za HR Chatbot
2.místo v kategorii Outbound projekty za projekt HR Chatbot

1.místo v kategorii Outbound projekty za technologie Speech To Text
3.místo v kategorii Inbound projekty za program na plánování směn Aristotelos

1.místo v kategorii Inbound projekty za linku 1188

What services can you outsource?

Customer care

Many years of practice have taught us how to answer almost anything. Whether your customers need to check the status of a shipment, ask about a product, register a complaint, ask about a return, get advice on electronics, arrange insurance or a loan - our professional agents will take care of them! We are experts in customer care and a trusted partner of our clients.

What else do we offer?

Omnichannel communication

In addition to the phone, we also use email, webchat, social networks and the increasingly popular WhatsApp to communicate with our customers, all in one system.


We can communicate with your customers in up to 14 languages thanks to our international coverage and staff.

Customer Acquisition

Finding new customers isn’t easy and selling over the phone is even harder, but we're happy to help. We know how to work with data, have the best sales agents, and we've proven to many companies that we can significantly improve their sales results. We have a huge number of our own contacts, but we can also work with yours. And what's more, even when we’re selling, we never lose the human touch.


Sell only to customers who have a real and current interest in your service or product. Generating leads randomly is not our style. The customers we contact will always know what your company is presenting. We can do both B2C and B2B leads, and in any quantity that meets your needs.

Arranging business meetings

We'll take the pressure off your sales team and take over the job of calling potential customers and scheduling appointments, leaving them more time to close deals. We can schedule appointments directly into your salesmen's calendars, making the entire process even more efficient. Plus, you'll have access to recordings of all the calls, so everything is under your control.

Back Office

The Back Office is an ideal add-on to our other services, so that together we can ensure smooth communication and customer care during the entire business process. We can help with digitization of documentation, ordering systems and document processing.

Consulting services

We’re ready to share our experience. We’re happy to advise you on how to manage your call centre more effectively or achieve better results, we can optimise your processes and improve the performance of your call centre or train your agents in communication and sales skills.


Voicebot, Chatbot, SMART IVR, SPEECH TO TEXT, WhatsApp... We are constantly pushing the boundaries of customer experience and searching for new areas to improve. We've even won a number of awards for it.

What do we offer with all of our services?

Robust reporting

Daily numbers, monthly summaries, and online insights allowing you to monitor and evaluate traffic just as you always do.


Thanks to our CNB certification for consumer credit agents and brokers under the Insurance and Reinsurance Distribution Act, we are also a well-qualified, high-quality partner for banks and insurance companies.

ISO standards and high security

Not only do we have ISO 9001, which is focused mainly on the quality of our services, but also ISO 27001 that covers the security of data and information in the company. ISO 27001 is a level that not even all banks achieve. You can be assured that our processes and security measures are at the highest level and there’s nothing to worry about. We guarantee that your data and the data of your customers is safe with us.

Tremendous flexibility

Perhaps something has gone wrong, and you need to run a crisis line? Maybe you’re running a monthly campaign and need to temporarily increase capacity? It’s the Christmas season and you can’t keep up or maybe you just need to rapidly reduce your costs? Whatever it is, we can help you quickly and completely thanks to our high capacity.